Vu tutors

VUTUTORS is an important website for providing educational information and training to the students. This website provides helping material to the students of the Virtual university of Pakistan. Now other universities students of the world have also join this website. This website provides following services to the students.

Help in general issues of the students using general discussion forum

The general discussion forum discusses about general issues of the students. students can post their questions in the forum. Admin or any student can help the student by answering the questions.

Help in Assignments, GDB, Quiz and Final project in Forum

Students post the questions related to past papers, assignments, quiz,GDB and final projects. Students can reply or upload the answer of the question. This forum also  helps the students in final projects. Old final projects are also in list. Students can get help from old final projects. It saves time and efforts.

Earning by online work

There are many latest articles about different methods of earning. It will provide excellent opportunity to the students and common visitors about different methods of the online earning. It has explained the following methods

1: Freelancing

2: CPA Marketing

3: Affiliate Marketing

Scholarships information

Many students asks about scholarships. Which universities provide scholarships ? What is procedure for getting the scholarships ? How they can get these scholarships ?

We provide complete information about scholarships. we also help the students by providing the scholarship forms and universities details. Many students have taken advantage of these information. They have got admission using these scholarships.

Free Softwares

This website provide free resources. it helps the students in providing the free softwares.